Theme Camps

We have always been very inspired by the many different festivals and gatherings we attend, and a large goal of ours is trying to blend different styles of gatherings into one unique event drawing from these inspirations. One of these particular events that has had a major impact on us is Burning Flipside, the largest regional burning man event in the states.

Theme Camps are a big part of these burning events and they truly bring such a diversity to the event. There are literally tons of different theme camps offering a multitude of different workshops, games, kitchens, karaoke, whatever your creative mind can come up with, and we leave that to you all! We are excited to try this idea out for the first time and see what happens, and we hope you guys will participate and help make this years festival the best yet!

We Encourage

  • Remember this is a family friendly event
  • Respect the artists who have been booked to play the festival and not bring any sound equipment
  • Have an offering to the community whether it be knowledge, a snack, a drink, games, a comfy lounge, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!


  • Discounted ticket for up to 10 people in your theme camp $60 ticket until Jan 1 then the price increases, but will still be cheaper than regular festival rate!
  • Theme Camp that gets voted the best camp gets free admission in 2016!
  • Theme Camps get first pick on the best campsites on the ranch!

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