Unicycle Football


If you’re not already familiar, Unicycle Football is surprisingly exactly as it sounds, full-on American football played entirely on unicycles. We play a 5 on 5 “flackle” variant where players must be mounted on a unicycle to be in play; similar to flag football, if your flag is pulled you are down, but adding unicycles to the mix you can also be tackled off your unicycle to marked down, thus the “flackle” combination. There are other minor adjustments in the rules to accommodate being on a unicycle as well.

The Unicycle Football League currently has 8 teams that play every Sunday during the 56-game season.
We have a lot of quirks and peculiarities that can’t be appropriately described in words and must be experienced first hand. Come out and see for yourself!

The Unicycle Football League is brainchild of Marcus Garland, AKA “Larry Gunn”, who convinced enough crazy locals from San Marcos, TX to form two teams of Unicycle Football players and compete against each other in 2008. In retrospect the early trials appear to be quite laughable but the league has unexpectedly grown into a highly competitive and entertaining sport that can be found nowhere else in the world. There is an incredible fan base within San Marcos who show up rain or shine to have a beer and watch the spectacle that is Unicycle Football.

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