Gaddy is a multi-instrumentalist/producer from Houston,TX. However, it is agreeable by most that he remains in a universe of intriguing atmospheres and lush sound textures. The deeper you immerse yourself, the more you will experience Gaddy’s amazing universe. Full of chill but very groovy and glitchy midtempo vibes, snugly blending the styles of funk and raw hip-hop between every kick and snare.

Born in 1992, Gaddy invested many years of his childhood into learning anything music related, from instruments, to production techniques. By his 18th birthday he had written and produced his first instrumental album. He finally broke into the EDM scene in the summer of 2014 with the EP “Charge it to The Game”. The main tune in the set was titled, “My Attitude Is All Funked Up”. With a bassline that’s so funky it could make Bootsy blush, it quickly gave fans a dose of Gaddy’s unique style of EDM, which oozes character from every cut and splutter. One year later, Adapted Records of Melbourne, Australia released Gaddy’s “Gumbo Funk” which peaked on Beatport at #2 on the Glitch Hop Top 100 Charts. This trippy new style of electronic southern hospitality had further separated Gaddy’s work from the crowd. After a few months Gaddy’s “Sleeping With An Ashtray” EP was released for free. With a unique obese bass sound, clipped organ meanders and a clear knack at raw, creative sample craft, each cut works well as a testament to his abilities. The EP quickly took hold on blogs and free music networks such as Ektoplazm and acquired thousands of album downloads.

Furthermore, his live performance is truly a surprise at any event. Consisting of synthesizers and looping triggers, Gaddy improvises seamless productions in a live PA setting which keeps all the heads boppin’ to the GFunk and Hip-Hop vibes from start to finish. Keep your eyes out for Gaddy, acts as well executed as this don’t come along every day.

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