Gravity Feed

As the sounds of towering solos and harmonious melodies intertwine with savvy libretto and the glistening beams of dancing lights, feet begin to shift, mouth corners begin to rise, and hips sway in time with the irresistibility of a funky groove. Eyes, wide open, stare straight ahead only to clench with the climax of each passing phrase, and the edge of the stage transforms into the shoreline of an undulating sea filled with t-shirts, hats, and faces drenched in darkness, periodically broken through by clenched fists attempting reach the ceiling. Time becomes relative until silence, once again fills the empty space momentarily inhabited by the appreciated assembly, who slowly shuffle to the exit, occasionally slipping on the overturned spirit or melted face. The congregation departs from their most recent experience, trumpeting their enthusiasm, vowing to return, and knowing that whether inebriated or not, music was their true intoxicant.

The tuneful troupe stands behind the curtain, gathering up their electronic ensemble as they prepare to travel onward. A group that once was strangers, but now brethren, striving to achieve definition through musical ambiguity, providing something for all in its pairing of refreshing sound and specific lyrics that are still free for personal interpretation. A quintet whose passion to create, ambition to craft, and desire to share are a reflection of its cumulative attitude. An outfit which comprehends that its succinct existence, on a tiny blue rock passing through the equatorial center of the galaxy, can still become as powerful as the force of its namesake. The band takes a glance to where the ocean of fans once stood, hoping the tide of excitement will rise again with tomorrow’s adventures, and forges ahead into the unknown… a band called Gravity Feed.

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