Metranohm (aka Andrew Winkler) is an electronic music producer/DJ from the bass fertile grounds of Austin, Tx. Metranohm has been producing since 2003, combining dancefloor beats with a strong melodic focus to create multi-dimensional bass music that brings a tuneful dynamic to the sound while maintaining the weight and energy that make dance floors erupt. In addition to his studio productions, Metranohm’s skill behind the decks and electrifying live performances have established him as an in-demand performer and led him to share the stage with a wide range of influential artists including Jazzsteppa, Eskmo, Sub Swara, Bare, Nit Grit, Lazer Sword, Alex & Alison Grey, Signal Path, Orgone Funk, the Malah, Break Science, Nadis Warriors & Somasphere, and shows and festivals all around the States and beyond, including Wakarusa, Art Outside and a 3 night appearance at Kiwi Burn, the New Zealand Burning Man festival.

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