Mind’s Eye Muse

Mind’s Eye Muse creates multisensory experiences that are transformative, uplifting, & inspiring. These expressions take 2 primary forms:

Live world fusion music & dance performances – tribal rhythms create the foundation for deep, profound, improvisational world music pieces accompanied by spellbinding dance fusion performances.
Synergistic art & music – works of profound visionary art, each of which has a musical composition expressing the energy captured in the work of art. This allows for a truly multisensory experience, simultaneously conveying the essence visually & audibly.
These offerings shine a light in the world, pushing back the darkness. Every piece, & every performance, is an expression of something deeply personal, yet also part of the shared human experience. This art, music, and dance are created from a deeply spiritual place – from the wellspring of love, energy, & healing that exists within all of us. This is our calling. This is our Love. This is our gift to YOU.

The first step to inspiration & evolution is to develop these qualities in oneself; in order to shine a light for others, one must nurture one’s own inner light. Founders Bart Landry & Erin Landry are actively focused on ongoing spiritual, personal, & artistic evolution. As Erin says, “By tapping into, and sharing, our own deepest truths, our hope is to help illuminate the path for others so that they may find their deepest truths, along with a deeper sense of self-acceptance, and a true feeling of interconnection.”

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