Clay Young – Food Is Beautiful Medicine

foodis“Food is Beautiful Medicine” is a discussion on how food plays numerous roles relating to sustainability issues. We often think of sustainability as an environmental or a health issue but food is integral to issues of economy, and social issues as well. In this discussion we talk about what food is and what it isn’t. We will talk about the beauty of food as medicine (literally) and metaphorically. We will also discuss how a focus on food can influence positive change in these areas of sustainability. Lastly, we will discuss any hot topics as it relates to the subject.

Short Bio

I have a B.S. in Medical Nutrition Therapy and am completing my M.S. in Human Nutrition in the spring. My current area of interest is how food relates to community sustainability issues. I have been a personal trainer, owned a food trailer, actively researched food policy in child-care centers, and have worked with metabolic chemistry scientists throughout my life. I am passionate about teaching, collaborating and the power of food!

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