Everyday Essentials – Lilly Lazuli

everydayMy objective for this workshop is to teach and empower folks to let go of the harmful toxic household & personal care products that play a big role in everyday life. During this workshop we will be talking about the antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties of essential oils as well as how we can replace household cleaners, over the counter medicines and personal care products using doterra essential oils (as well as alternatives). Not only will we be taking on a scientific approach to HOW these oils work against germs but we will also be doing a hands on project making our own natural cleaners, bath salts and toothpastes. Every participant will walk away with a goodie bag complete with samples and literature and their very own homemade finished product.


Lilly Lazuli lives in Houston, TX and works as a wellness advocate for DoTERRA Essential oils. She loves to share knowledge, spread love and share essential oil experiences one being at a time. As a conscious tool of the universe Lilly strives to be a positive light as she spreads the power of essential oils all over Texas.

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