Meera Hoffman

meera-hoffMeera Hoffman, MBA, LMT, RYI, BS
From her childhood days of playing doctor, to her pre-med studies at The University of Texas, to her licensure as a massage therapist and her intensive studies of yoga in India, Meera’s life has been steeped in the investigation of health and wellness. Incorporating both Eastern and Western bodies of knowledge, Meera artfully integrates interesting information to synthesize simple, yet potent, offerings.

Meera has been a licensed massage therapist and yoga instructor for over 10 years, and has offered numerous workshops on natural health. She creates a friendly, light-hearted atmosphere in her classes in support of variety learning styles. Please join Meera at her next session!

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Meera’s Workshops:

Pranayama – Divine Breath

Prana is the divine life force of the universe; entering the physical body through our breath. Ayama is the extension of this precious energy through gentle breathing practices. This workshop will focus on cleansing and revitalizing our bodies using three breathing techniques: Full Yogic Breath, Kapalabhati, and Anuloma Viloma. These exercises will help calm the mind and are excellent tools to deepen your yoga practice and reduce worldly stress.

Thai Massage & Partner Stretching

Thai Massage & Partner Stretching – Feeling sore, tired, or achy? Then this is the perfect workshop for you! Participants will learn basic partner stretching and Thai massage moves to release tension and alleviate pain. Bring a partner or show up stag and find a buddy in class. (Instructor: Meera Hoffman, MBA, LMT, RYI)

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