Sacred Sound Ceremony – Miguel MiKaeL Angel

sacredsoundThe Frequency of Divine Creation flows through all, by simply tuning in to the Source of all life through a transcendental Theta brainwave Meditation, channeling Angels and spirit guides, and facilitating Holographic Sound Frequencies for a dynamically invigorating “tune-up” for the Whole being. The tools utilized for this profound transmission are crystal bowls, vocal toning, Tibetan throat singing, Shamanic drumming & breath work, crystals, aromatherapy, and a 32″ Symphonic gong named “Hathor”. This journey will lead all willing participants, including Miguel through all the planes of existence, entering the gateway to Creator Source and tapping into the infinite intelligence of the Universe where ANYTHING is possible. Immerse yourself into the healing Frequency through a Sound and Light cleansing straight from Source!


Miguel MiKaeL Angel will be joining sacred ceremonies through sound Alchemy at Head For The Hills. A gifted musician all his life, Miguel has harnessed his talents as a pianist and vocalist and found his true passion as a Shamanic Sound healer. Clearing density with frequency and light, Miguel has developed an extraordinary healing modality utilizing his Master training in Usui and Karuna Reiki, Holographic Sound®, Theta healing®, and the Shamanic teachings as a breath work facilitator and practitioner.

Miguel has traveled the world and visited the sacred sites in the Yucatan Peninsula, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, and all over the US. Training with several Shamans, energy healers, yogis, musicians, and spiritual masters from all cultures has given Miguel a vast array of tools to deliver a powerful and restorative experience which will absolutely enhance all areas of life!

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