Moon Mantra Healing & Crystal-infused Aromatherapy – Jade Ogelsby

moonIn our Workshop, we will be learning how to Heal & Harmonize the Seven Chakras with aromatherapy & crystal healing. If we have time, we will discuss charging items by the New Moon & Full Moon!


Moon Mantra Healing creates healthful & beneficial perfume oil blends, pain-relieving massage oils, botanical bath soaks, purifying candles, palo santo soap, new moon and full moon charged items and much more!
Combing elements of herbalism, aromatherapy, gem healing & Chakric Healing, Moon Mantra creates things to help you to align mentally & physically & to feel confident that you are only putting completely natural & activated items on your body.

Utilizing pure, essential oils and organic carrier oils, fine Dead Sea Salts, bladderwrack seaweed, freshly cleansed crystals and other botanical elements, these healing items smell divine and allow you to feel even better!

Essential oils have positive affects on our mental & physical health so incorporating them into your life, diminishes stress & tension and amplifies those calm & beautiful qualities about You.

Every item I create begins with a crystal grid & much intention & manifestation before materials are brought together. This methodic system allows each blend to be unique, potent and extremely healing. I believe we cannot create anything beneficial for others unless we take the time to put our highest selves and our most genuine love into each item. This type of alchemy goes beyond the natural ingredients of each elixir; placing just as much importance on the heart & intention of the alchemist as it does on the earthly materials utilized.

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