Poetry Workshop – Elizabeth Bayou Grace Lewis

poetryIt is my pleasure to offer, for the third year in a row, a poetry workshop. Take a break from your raging, dancing, giggling, and lovemaking to enjoy a cup of coffee and talk about the fine arts. I’ll be toting along a small library of my personal favorites. Do you have a poem that slays you every time? Yeah, bring it! I’ll also be bringing some really fun writing exercises designed to tempt the muses. We’ll talk about process. We’ll talk about beauty. We’ll talk about sound and shape and light. If it feels right, hell, maybe we can even have an open mic. I’ll provide the libations, some papers and pens, and my own passion for things made of words. All you’ve got to do is bring an open heart. All skill levels more than welcome.


Greetings! My name is Elizabeth BayouGrace and I’m a poet. Though I originally hail from upstate New York, I got to Texas soon as I could. I’m a hot mess of that southern charm and that yankee sass. Right now, I’m finishing my last semester of my Masters in Poetry (hallelujah!). I’ve performed at Wakarusa, Art Outside, Head for the Hills, and house parties all over the lovely Texas HillCountry. I think it’s always a joy, and I’m always grateful, to talk about poetry and language and love and consciousness. Aside from grabbing the mic whenever possible, I love cats, bicycles, ukuleles, IPAs, and the Grateful Dead. And I love you.

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