Robin Bruce

robinRobin Bruce, AKA Dharampal, initially began practicing yoga to reduce low back pain only to open Pandora’s box leading to a decade of reflection and self-healing. In those first yoga classes she felt a connection between her back pain and deeper layers of emotional hurt showing up as physical injury. It became her passion to help others along the path of healing and transformation. Robin went on to study both Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Hatha Yoga at Yoga Yoga in Austin, Texas. Her most intensive study is in the modality of Sat Nam Rasayan which facilitates healing through deep meditation. She recorded three mantra albums under the name “Dharampal” which means nurturer of harmony. Her latest album, The Essence, came out in 2013 and is a favorite among kundalini yogis. Robin is an E-RYT, experienced yoga teacher, registered through Yoga Alliance and currently trains teachers at Casa De Luz in Austin, TX. She also travels locally and internationally, having taught and shared mantra in L.A., Boulder, Oklahoma, Mexico City, and Perugia, Italy.

Robin’s Workshops:


“The way out is in.” When we’re feeling lost, it’s the sound of Spirit calling us to go
inward and align our divine purpose with a new path – this is the practice of healing. In
Kirtan, mantra is chanted over and over to clear karmas, the cycle of cause and effect,
to connect you with your deepest desires and intentions.

Kundalini Chakra Flow

In this workshop we’ll experience the breathwork and meditation elements of kundalini
yoga paired with vinyasa flow to open and balance the chakras. In this beginnerfriendly
workshop we’ll explore the power of ritual and group intention to create personal
transformation. Laugh, sweat, dance, play, and heal.

Move, Breathe & Be Well

In these morning yoga classes we will work out some of the physical kinks from sleeping outdoors using slow, hatha yoga linked with mindful breathing. Class will end with a seated breathing practice to increase energetic flow, preparing you for an awesome day filled with music and community.

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