Contact Improv: A Partner Dancing Playshop w/ Glenjamin Aanstoos & Drea Marz

An exploration of our bodies and the conversation created through connecting our dance with others.  Navigate between being supportive and supported,  grounded and lifted, trusting and communicating boundaries. Join us as we come together letting creative body awareness synchronize us into collective flow!


Explorative by nature, Glenjamin actively navigates how to present our deepest offering towards what we wish this world to become. Intentional gatherings and transformative festivals have fertilized this dream into progressive manifestations by becoming a solutionary advocate for the art of movement. Glenjamin believes that through facilitated contact improv, we can cocreate a vision of deeply connected and empowered community.


Drea Marz began dancing at an early age. She spent close to 15 years exploring dance through a performance/choreography based platform. In 2009, she found the ecstatic dance community and began exploring dance from the inside out. Soon after, she was introduced to the practice of contact improvisation. Now it continues to be an embodiment practice, deepening her awareness of self and other. Contact improv gives her the opportunity to dance in and between dimensions while continuing to practice the art of surrender, leading to deeper intimacy.

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