Creating Sacred Space Through Scent – Fawn Gregg

Our sense of smell will guide us through interactions with traditional incense burning and smudging. We will discuss the spiritual significance of incense offerings and the energetic clearing associated with the smudging process. Join us in this aromatic journey, connecting the physical and spiritual realms to create sacred space in our homes and in ourselves, encouraging the practice of small and sweet ritual in our daily lives.

Fawn works as an herbalist in the beautiful river city of San Marcos, Texas. Her love and connection to plants bloomed early in life, growing up in the Central Texas Hill Country and spending time with her grandparents and their elaborate gardens along the Colorado River in Garfield, Texas. Fawn’s passion for philosophy and anthropology brought her to the realm of ethnobotany: the study of human cultural relationships with plants. Traveling regularly to conferences, festivals, and gatherings around the United States, she connects with and collects the wisdom of The Others: the other seekers, wanderers, weavers of reality, creators of culture, holders of stories. She has spent time in Peru and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and looks forward to connecting with The Others of the European continent and beyond this summer. Her life’s work seeks to create a holistic and sustainable way of living for herself, connecting and honoring the mind, body, and spirit in a way that peacefully coexists with the current socioeconomic system while not wholly dependent on it. She finds joy in sharing the sweet things that make her feel whole and considers life an endless and wonderful puzzle.

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