Creativity & Graffiti – Gage Kelsey

In this workshop we will start by exploring creativity and inspiration. We will then move into graffiti and how to use spray paint to make art. I will demonstrate different techniques for spray painting and how to employ stencils.  Together we will collaborate on a painting, and practice the techniques we have learned.

Please come ready to jam out and have some fun.

I am a live painter, muralist and studio artist. In the past 5 years I have painted over 150 shows and 20 festivals. I employ mixed mediums such as spray paint, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, colored pencils, graphite, and pin & ink to create my art. I enjoy experimentation and pushing the traditional definition of a canvas by painting objects such as skulls, skateboards, hand carved wood panels along with inlaying crystals and minerals into these objects.

As I have become more conscious of the affects of my creative expressions, I have come to a greater understanding of why I create. The purpose is to spread inspiration to others—to give them the confidence and motivation to create. Through visual and verbal conversation, I want to relieve people of their hesitations and empower them, better yet remind them, to do what they have always wanted to do in whatever form or shape that may manifest.

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