Cultivating Compassionate Radiance with Meera Hoffman

Infusing breath, bodywork, meditation and mindfulness, this offering guides you into blissful radiance. Dissolve physical and emotional barriers (stress, anxiety, pain) so you may rest in compassionate connection with your Self and others. Melt into the moment with Meera’s sweet and gentle flow through Thai massage, pranayama, dharana, and dhyana. Please bring an item from nature (crystal, seed, stone, etc) to share this experience with; it will serve as an anchor to the divine that you take home with you.

Meera Hoffman, MBA, LMT, CYI, CMI, BS

Meera’s life is beautifully interwoven with the sacred healing arts. She combines over 15 years of study, exploration, and experience with both Eastern and Western lineages to synthesize profound offerings. Her rich background includes a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, living at an ashram in India, and serving as a licensed massage therapist & yoga instructor for 15 years. Meera has led countless workshops on natural health and wellness; where she facilitates truly nourishing experiences. She invites community members of all experience levels to partake in her offerings.

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