Joyfully Following: Whole Brain Child Rearing – Johnathan Foster

Khalil Gibran tells us in ‘The Prophet’ that “(Our children are not (our) children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through (us) but not from (us).” It is our sacred duty to guide them, protect them, and equip them to thrive in this world and the next. The word ‘discipline’ comes from the root ‘disciple’. As such we are not meant to mold, manipulate, or punish, but rather to guide, teach, and model. This workshop addresses such topics as, developmental psychology, physiology and meeting basic needs for optimal results, when quantum physics affirms ancient understandings, philosophy of education, and controversial opinions/countercultural techniques. Join us to hear first hand the specific agreements we made with ourselves and our children that have given us the opportunity and pleasure to joyfully follow our children back to our youth and to walk next to them into the future.


Johnathan Foster has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is a certified Reiki Master. He is a Messenger of Light and Quantum Healer at Shambhala Awakenings and a councilor and Reiki practitioner at Nautilus Birth Doula. He is also a stay at home father raising three healthy free spirited boys with his loving wife, Colby. They are cosleeping, cloth diapering, all natural, attachment parents raising consciously awakened Shambhala Warriors.

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