MoonTime Care – Mama Be Happy


  • Cycle Synchronization- By understanding your Menstrual Cycle with a Seasonal Model you understand when you have higher outward energy, or when you need to take time to recharge your energies. This includes a look into what your hormones are doing and a rhythm tracking concept called Fertility Awareness Method.
  • Menarche- The importance of starting a dialog with your daughter about what she is to experience prior to the occurrence. Familiarizing her with the process, allowing her to normalize the process, to speak comfortably, and how to provide herself with a level of self care. We will also talk about different ways to honor Menarche (the first bleed) so that it is a celebrated occasion. Doing this can help your daughter to move us toward breaking the taboo.
  • Plant Remedies- I will give you ideas on how to utilize Herbs and Essential Oils. Understanding how to use these remedies can bring you comfort as well as helping your body to optimally process your cycle. Teas + Infusions, Tinctures, Yoni steams, Oil blends, Salves, and Soaking Salts will be covered in this segment.
  • Nutrition- When you tend to proper Nutrition certain discomforts can dissipate giving your body a wonderful gift and your mind the receptivity of your love. Our minds and souls respond so wonderfully to our willingness to tend to our bodies.
  • Helpful Tips- The importance of quality feminine products, documentation, womb massage, embracing feminine energy, acupressure/reflexology, and how to hold space for yourself with several beneficial practices.

This Workshop will conclude with a Guided Womb Meditation to give example of the marvelous possibilities you can provide yourself with by mindful intention.

I am so excited to share this with you all. What will be provided here today is a smaller portion of one of my classes and feminine empowerment consultations.

My name is Be, but I like to go by Mama Be. The reasoning for this is that I feel that parent or no we can all Mother one another as maternal nurturing is within us all. We can share and teach skill sets to others in need of the knowledge’s gift. When we nurture one another into special gifts we transcend our former state of being by helping the world gain potency in overcoming it’s current state bit by bit. In my case my children brought on the intense desire to help heal the world through actions, by breaking the cycle, coaxing freedom from conventional restraints, and achieving the realization that it is time for something different. Something different is possible when working with Mother Earth synergistically. After having my daughter I found myself familiarizing with Natural Birth, with my son’s birth I found myself seeing the need familiarize with Postpartum Healing and Support, once he was a year old Women’s Cycles called to me. The Feminine Phases told me they needed a special attention so that women can realize that they have magick within them, they just have to find a way to tap into it. This is why I created my MoonTime Care.

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