Open Your Third Eye Yoga Class – Lexi Jordan

Native yoga has been specifically designed to open the body and mind, to finding a deeper connection to the divine. Breathing is the most important aspect in yoga, it is the life force that moves one through a practice. Connecting the breath and movement will open up all possibilities when it comes to the world of yoga. This practice will bring a new sense of awareness to the body, consciously awakening the spirit.  I believe our bodies are temples that speak to us every day and trough this practice the standing  asanas stimulate the pineal gland allowing creativity to flow in and out of your being.  Native yoga will move you through breathing meditations, step-by-step instruction on asana, and a deep restorative seating sequence. This practice will ultimately help awaken the body to its full potential, and calm the mind for a full bloom of the third eye.

Lexi is a Red Earth yogi, with a passion for Ashtanga yoga. She is currently residing in Stillwater Oklahoma finishing up her 200 Hr RYT training through yoga alliance at Red Earth Yoga Center. Her training is specifically in Native yoga which is an off branch of the classical style of Ashtanga yoga.

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