Partner Poi – Fern & Squirrely

This will be a partner poi workshop that teaches various different things including; What flow arts, poi, and partner poi are. Beginner to advanced levels of partner poi tricks. The importance of synchronizing communication, timing, and footwork. How to connect with your partner through flow arts which is a form of moving meditation.

Squirrely and Fern are two passionate fire performers who both developed a love for flow arts individually then began flowing together as soon as they met which happened to be at Head for the Hills!  Their love for flow arts brought them together and now they travel together flowing, growing, and teaching partner poi. Partner poi is a form of flow arts, which is like a moving mediation, similar to dancing. In partner poi two people are synchronizing together to create a beautiful, intimate, unique, and mesmerizing show. Not only is it amazing to watch and fun for the flow artists but it actually strengthens the relationship between the two people as a whole. In partner poi many things are important, for example; communication, footwork, timing, working together as a team to figure things out. It is such an amazing and fun thing that has changed their life and it is their honor to share it with others.

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