Miguel Michael Angel & Chris Campbell – Shamanic Sound Immersion Play Zone: Activating Vocal Harmonics and Working with Didgeridoo

Miguel Angel and Chris are two gifted Sound Wizards whom have joined in ceremonial and sacred Sound journeys across the Earth. We will tap into the Frequency of Divine Creation by tuning in to the Source of all life through a transcendental Theta brainwave meditation using rhythmic sounds and facilitating Holographic Sound Frequencies for a dynamically invigorating “tune-up” for the Whole being. The tools utilized for this profound transmission are crystal bowls, didgeridoo, hand pan drums, vocal toning, Tibetan throat singing, Shamanic drumming & breath work, crystals, aromatherapy, and a 32″ Symphonic gong named “Hathor”.

This journey will lead all willing participants, including the facilitators through all the planes of existence, entering the gateway to Creator Source and tapping into the infinite intelligence of the Universe where ANYTHING is possible. Limiting belief patterns will be dismantled and our most miraculous existence will be integrated through this journey.

We will also share partner and group exercises that will enhance our vocal capabilities and breathing during a couple Rhythmic Sound games we will play together. Workshop is an hour and a half long. Please bring a yoga mat or something comfortable to rest on during the Sound transmission. Immerse yourself into the healing Frequency through a Sound and Light cleansing straight from Source!

Miguel Michael Angel

Visionary Artist, Musician, Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, Holographic Sound Practitioner, Theta Healer, Teacher, Contractor, Shape-shifter.

A gifted musician all his life, Miguel has harnessed his talents as a pianist and vocalist and found his true passion as a Shamanic Sound healer. Clearing density with frequency and light, Miguel has developed an extraordinary healing modality utilizing his Master training in Usui and Karuna Reiki, Holographic Sound®, Theta healing®, and the Shamanic teachings as a breath work facilitator and practitioner.

Chris Campbell

Musician, Artist, Sound Healer, Percussionist, Didgeridoo Extraordinaire, Teacher.

Chris is an artist by design, emitting creative expression through all mediums. He is most widely known as a percussionist versed in everything from djembes to the elusive hand pans. Becoming adept in the didgeridoo, Chris offers sound therapy with a glass didgeridoo and the lost art of circular breathing. His rhythmic talents combined with an intuitive mind for vibrational therapy has helped him facilitate profound journeys into realms of mystical sonic waves – a unique experience for anyone on the receiving end of his gifts.

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